Our history

Pratolivo was born in Arona in 1990 from a long tradition and an experience in fabrics, packaging and attention to customers.
Its history dates back to the seventies when the second generation moved from Lombardy to Arona by opening the first children's clothing boutique, Whoom. Later in the eighties it expanded with another shop dedicated to clothing and accessories for men and women.
Today Pratolivo Donna is located in Arona, in Corso Cavour 61, in the historic center of the city. The boutique is also mentioned in the tourist guides for the splendid red coffered ceiling enriched with golden rosettes.
The name dates back to 1700 when the monks of the Church of San Graziano called the olive grove that stood in the square just Pratolivo.

Our Boutique

Where we are

We are
60km from Milan
68km from Lugano
75km from Locarno
120km from Torino